How to House Train an Adult Dog: Step-by-Step Guide 2024

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How to House Train an Adult Dog Step-by-Step Guide 2024 (1)
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A home would not be the same without a pet. It is the friend who is there for us even when we are alone. The best decision that can be made in the home is to get and keep a pet, especially a dog.

Dogs, along with cats, are one of the most loved and popular pets that people choose, but there is one part that needs to be taken care of, and that people often forget. That’s the training part. Many people are reluctant to train a dog themselves, even though they can opt for a trainer.

The dog needs to be taught habits, and discipline, and work on behavior, hygiene habits, walking habits, etc. from an early age. Sometimes, people do not succeed in this in the first years of the pet’s life, and then they still face problems with an adult dog.

How to change that? Is there a possibility of change? Of course, there is! Today I am going to talk about how I trained my adult dog at home step by step.

Exercises for Adult Dogs Training

How to Train Your Adult Dog

1. Make sure your dog wants to cooperate

How to Train Your Adult Dog

The first thing you need to check and make sure is that your dog wants to cooperate. Sometimes, dogs are stubborn and don’t want to do things that are boring or new to them.

But despite their reluctance to cooperate, it is necessary to reach some kind of agreement, which would help the dogs create new and improved habits that they will enjoy, and help you, the owners, to be more relaxed and not live in fear that something “bad” will happen.

The mess will be reduced, the peace will be greater, and your dog will be happy and satisfied that you worked with him, resting in his favorite corner of the home.

2. If the dog does not cooperate, try rewarding him with his favorite snack

Dogs love to be rewarded! Especially those adult dogs love it. It is for this reason that any vet and trainer can advise you to include it as part of your training routine. Invest enough time to teach your dog, be patient with each part of the training, and encourage him when he makes progress, and in the end, you can reward him with his favorite treat. Why?

That way you can make sure he has fun and can progress, which is what you need. Fun sometimes brings results, and you will be able to see this best through the training of your adult dog.

3. Do the exercises in the beginningless often so that you can succeed in the process

Exercise with the dog indoor

This is a new process, the beginning of new things and every owner should be prepared in terms of taking enough time on the one hand, but also in terms of the schedule of the training exercises. Thus, in the beginning, you should spend minimal time, but also minimally disturb the dog, and teach him new things.

It is important to treat adult dogs as friends, to gain their trust in training (that is for them), and to do the exercises less often so that they expect them more often and progress.

4. Then start practicing the training exercises more often

After spending a few days in training with your pet, that is, after spending a few “home dates”, your pet will already begin to expect the training to happen more often, and with you will have the opportunity to see more and more progress in your pet.

After you see that your pet is already having fun and that he expects and wants rewards from snacks, then it is important to increase the training because that is the right moment for your pet to start new habits. With this frequent training for better behavior, you will have a calm pet in no time, despite the dog’s age.

5. In the end, you can reward your pet with a walk

Reward dog with a walk

If anything is a real treat for any dog, then it is a walk in the park where every dog can run non-stop, find sticks, and sniff and chase with their friends. That is why it is of great importance to reward your dog with a walk in the nearest park where he will enjoy it.

Of course, if you decide on such a walk, you can take your favorite toys and props with you, and of course – don’t go anywhere without your favorite snacks, because they are the sweetest in the park.

And What if Your Dog Doesn’t Want to Cooperate with You?

And What if Your Dog Doesn't Want to Cooperate with You

Your dog doesn’t want to cooperate with you? Workouts are useless and you don’t know what to do about it? Even if the dog refuses to cooperate with you, there is a great solution that will surely solve that problem. Several trainers could help you in teaching your dog new habits, better behavior, and discipline.

Try to choose only the best dresser; you can see one of the most popular dresser centers on this website. Do your research well and then hire a professional to help you train your dog. Research is the most important thing to do before hiring a professional, so be careful when choosing.


Dogs can change their habits and become good boys or good girls in no time. So work with them at home, follow the steps that we have suggested today, and then enjoy the results of the work. The process is promising, not fast at all, and requires cooperation from you and your dog, but is still possible.

So don’t give up! Every adult dog can become a better pet, but every owner can be their dog’s best teacher. So don’t give up, because everything is achievable if you want it enough, and you want results that you will achieve together with your dog.

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